Friday, 30 April 2010


Deranged dreams lie low
biding their time
the sails are raised on our scattered intentions.
let us rest a while
we who live in a pensive bell

forceful the wind lifts our laughter
shards of time pierces our lustful lamentations,
or light slinks away
poring lethargically from our limbs

shall we no longer let our shouts soar?
our restless wings slice at our lists,
our wants wander through the thickets
with arcane cries they lay us to rest

let those who listen reconcile their angst
let those who fail mutilate their sorrows
relinquish their satirical suits
and ponder the plight of our song

we shall sail.
under our intuition we shall flounder in festivities
rejoice at the feet of the possible
unwind the knotted slivers of slavery
and delight in our decadence.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Heathen Howl

Dreary dialectics dilute our decadent decade,
Our destitute dispositions and dilapidated dreams linger on…
Rise you heathens! You Harlots and Hamlets.
Hither lies our humor,
Mutilated and moaning
This infectious madness and mindless melancholia,
This monstrous apathy creeps hastily forward
Hounding at our heels and hearts.
Make Haste!...melt and mold this deranged dreariness
Shape and sharpen brains and slay these serpents
These monstrous mutants mangling our minds;
Humbly hold your head high and howl…
Howl so that they may hear and hesitate
So they may fear us and our happiness

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A harlequin's Ballad

Reckless and rambunctious we wallow…
Wondering warily through minds highways,
Harlots and hyenas howl defiantly,
Deftly we defeat our destinies
Distrustful but happy
Us harlequins hurry on hollering
Haplessly helpless
Unaware of the snags and snares
Hags and hares harassing our intentions
Defiling our dreams and dashing our disappointment.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Slideing sunsets

Surreptitious soliloquy solicit silence.
Under such circumstances do we succeed in slander?
Our lifeless limbs and washed up hymns
Like curdled milk display our apathy.
In quiet desperation doth the lark slumber,
Silently screaming at night
While socially scathing our sins.
While wallowing woefully in our disappointments
Desperate yet sensible
Senile and sedated
Suspended from disbelief and blasphemy
Sliding our sunsets steadily on.
There we stand alone...
Solemn and splendid
Sensuous and sacred
Like scattered ashes on a rainy day